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March 2010 Issue of Albuquerque Magazine - Success Stories


As The Sports Clubs owners, Elise and Steve D'Amico have been raising the Health Club industry bar here in New Mexico for the past 18 years. "We come from a long line of original Health Club owners that believe it is our job to provide our members with the tools and environment to help them lead healthier lives. America has turned into an obese nation. We need to help fix this trend one member at time" says Steve.
"There is always a good family feeling in our clubs" says Elise. "Although we have over 10,000 members, we pride ourselves in knowing most of our members on a first name basis. This keeps us accountable to keep our Clubs clean and well maintained."
Both natives to Southern California, Steve and Elise would not cross paths until they met in Honolulu, Hawaii. Steve had long been in the Health Club industry, having started his career with Jack la Lanes European Health Spa back in 1972. Elise graduated from Chaminade University of Honolulu with a marketing degree in 1985. The following year, they met in a Honolulu Health Club, where they were both selling memberships.
Before long, the two became managing partners of the Honolulu Gold's Gyms, long regarded as the most successful Gold's Gyms in franchise history. During the 1990s, the D'Amicos went on to co-found Gold's Gym University. With another partner, the D'Amicos created training manuals and curricula for training new franchisee owners in international and domestic markets. They have also consulted for 104 Gold's Gyms worldwide. In April 1997, the couple opened their first of four locations in New Mexico.
"We feel lucky to have been able to call Bill Pearl, Steve Reeves, George Eiferman and many others our personal friends" says Steve. "We consider it a privilege to honor those who came before us by doing our best to follow their path of excellence in the Health Club Industry."


Why we changed our name from Gold's Gym to The Sports Clubs:

Originally printed in the Albuquerque Journal September 6, 2007

Local Owners Separated From the Gold's Gym Name to Create The Sports Clubs

By: Rory McClannahan

Steve D'Amico says he had always been a big supporter of Gold's Gym since the first location opened in California more than 30 years ago. D'Amico and his wife, Elise, have owned and operated four Gold's Gym locations in the North Valley, Downtown, Rio Rancho and the Northeast Heights for the past 12 years. Prior to coming to Albuquerque, the couple had been partners in the original Gold's Gyms in Honolulu, Hawaii. 
That connection, plus the expense, made it difficult to walk away from the Gold's name...Click here to read more... 
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