Saturday, November 18, 2017
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Has your Company arranged for you to receive a Corporate Wellness Discount with The Sports Clubs?

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Get your Company Started!
It's a fact that healthy employees get more accomplished and take fewer sick days. Regular medical checkups are an important part of preventative healthcare and a corporate wellness plan. Regular exercise is another. In fact, it should be the cornerstone of any health plan.
That's where THE SPORTS CLUBS come in. We have what your company needs to get employees on track and feeling healthy, vibrant, alert, and enthusiastic. But more to the point, a company sponsored health and exercise program delivers real bottom line results. Time after time, when a company shows that it's committed to wellness, its employees respond with amazing enthusiasm.
Healthier employees mean healthier profits. Through their employee wellness and fitness programs, many of THE SPORTS CLUBS corporate clients are realizing measurable returns on their investments. Just look at the facts!
-AT&T saved $22.4 million in health costs over a 10-year period.
-General Motors decreased employee sick days by 40%.
-PepsiCo helped its employees lose weight and relieve stress, and found that its corporate fitness program returned $3 for every $1 invested.

Ready to get your employees on the road to a healthier lifestyle? Click on the Contact Us button to get your Company started!

Corporate Wellness Benefits
The following is a list of FREE services we can provide for your employees. If you have a need that is not listed here, just let us know! Our goal is to design a Corporate Wellness Program that works for YOUR EMPLOYEES!
Here are just a few ideas:
Company Weight Loss Challenge:
Kick off your new Corporate Wellness Program with a company wide weight loss challenge! Not only will we help you organize your Challenge, your employees will also receive a complimentary Nutrition Seminar, guaranteeing their results! Let us give your employees the tools they need to finally look and feel their best! Everyone wins!
On Site Health Fairs:
Promote the benefits of health within your own organization! With an "On-Site Health Fair" you will ensure the overall success of your employees well being as well as increasing your corporate production.
Blood Pressure Check-Ups:
The Sports Clubs can provide your employees an "On-Site" blood pressure checking at no extra cost.
Body Composition Checks:
By using the newest in body composition testing our fitness professionals can show your employees how much lean muscle mass they have. Once this is accomplished we can give them guidance on a program that will increase their overall level of  fitness.  
Brown Bag Seminars:
In today's fast paced working environment who has time to plan a healthy lunch? Our "Brown Bag Seminars" will give your employees great tips on how to prepare a quick and healthy meal. The benefits from this seminar will increase productivity in the work place and feed the "Fatigue Monster" who is eating up all of your companies profits!
Group Exercise Lunch Break:
We would be more than happy to come to your company on a special day and get your employees involved in a Group Exercise Class. Sometimes they are scared to try a class at the Club, but they might do it for fun with their co-workers. Take a look at our Class Schedule. You name the class format and we would be more than happy to give your employees a complimentary on-site class!
Many of our Corporate Clients also hire our Personal Trainers to come on-site for Group Personal Training Sessions. It's a great way to bond with your fellow employees! By coming on-site your employees can train on their lunch hour and still have time for lunch!
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