Saturday, November 18, 2017



12 Week Challenge - 1st Place Winner

Congratulations to Tyquanne Wright

Our 1st Place Winner!

Here is what Tyquanne accomplished in 12 weeks:

-Lost 50.2 pounds

-Lost 14% Body Fat

-Lost 36 3/4 inches!

You made your Downtown Team very proud Tyquanne!

2nd Place Winner!

Congratulations to CarolynThibodeau

Our 2nd Place Winner!

Here is what Carolyn accomplished in 12 weeks:

Lost 28 lbs

Lost 9 percent Body Fat

Lost 16 inches!

Carolyn is definitely ready for Summer!


3rd Place Winner!

Congratulations to Martha Winston

Our 3rd Place Winner!

Here is what Martha accomplished in 12 weeks:

Lost 12 lbs

Lost 6 percent Body Fat

Lost 24 inches!

Way to go Martha. You look FABULOUS!






Our Winner 5 months later!




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